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Found 3rd Aug
Before we dive in, can anyone confirm if this PC will be any good fr running heavy photoshop use?

We only have a budget of about 600. I guess we could add an extra 8gb ram at some point.…asp
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What's 'heavy' Photoshop use? I'd presume most modern PC's will run it just fine although an SSD makes a massive difference.

I run the latest version of Photoshop on a 2011 Mac Book Pro 8GB ram and just an upgraded SSD and it flies along for 'home' tinkering.
You’ll want a 4gb graphics for best experience although 2gb will work ok. Having 16gb ram is also worth it as it allows you to multitask a lot (not essential but very useful). A decent monitor to go with it too.
We have some good monitors o thats fine for now. We could upgrade the ram on that Asus above. Its hard to find something in our 650 budget.
Have a look on the dell outlet site. I've just bought an i5 (8th gen), 8gb RAM, 256SSD laptop for £450. I do a lot of lightroom and it flies on that spec. You have to speak with dell to get a 10% discount code as you have to email them address, name etc and they send code back straight away. Hope this helps.
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