Computer Games + Sidewinder Joysticks. FOR SALE! WHY? PX?

Hello all
I was clearing out a cupboard today and came across some computer games I had along with Sidewinder force feedback joysticks,pad, etc. I was wondering if they are worth anything. There is about 40 games. Unreal 2, all the Quakes,Counter Strike,Star Wars,Max Payne,Hitman,Medal of Honor etc. All the games are in superb condition. Is it better to list them one at a time on evilbay or here,or to try and sell as a collection of games and joysticks/pads? Thanks....
* Best bet is to list everything and ask for offers (can I do that in here?)

- Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis
- The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind
- Hitman Codename 47
- Starwars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast
- Need for Speed Prsche 2000
- Command & Conquer Red Alert 2
- Severance Blade of Darkness
- Medal of Honor Allied Assault & AA Spearhead (2)
- Soldier of Fortune 2 Double Helix
- Unreal Tournament 2003
- Unreal 2 The Awakening
- Return to Castle Wolfenstein
- IL 2 Sturmovik
- Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition
- Fifa 2002
- Black & White
- Mafia
- Commandos 2 Men of Courage
- Grand Theft Auto 3
- System Shock 2
- Deus EX
- Aliens Vs Predator 2
- Quake x2
- Quake 2
- Quake 3 Arena
- Midtown Madness
- Half Life
- Age of Empires 2 The age of Kings
- NBA Inside Drive 2000
- Dungeon Keeper 2

BNWB - Sidewinder Game Pad Pro
BNWB - Sidewinder Precision 2 Joystick
Great Condition Thrustmaster Firestorm Wireless Gamepad
Great Condition Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick.

Ideally I would like to sell all together so if anyone is interested in the lot,please let me know. WHY? If not sold all together may accept offers on individual items. Thanks



depends if its boxed etc have a look on ebay i typed it in and these came up



there is more but cant post ebay links:roll:

I'd be interested in quake depending on price.

Id be interested in Joysticks. Just researching now.

EDIT: I would be interested pending pictures and specs

I'd be interested in System Shock 2 :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Excellent! I might have a few rarities amongst them. One on evilbay sitting at £11 plus postage :whistling: Bring in the offers :thumbsup:

£20 for the joysticks if they all come with there power leads, and usb leads etc
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