Computer has power, but won't turn on!

    I don't know if it's the heat but I can't get my head around this!

    Fixing a computer for a friend his motherboard was going! Computer would get to verifying dmi pool data and then a weird lines and colour so screen!

    So I bought a new mobo and fitted it today and only put the essentials in, once I saw that it booted I turned it off and put the rest of his hardware back in the case, but then it wouldn't even turn on but mouse led is lit up so not a blown fuse, I have reverted back to the original setup that managed to make it boot previously however that won't even work now! I've tried different power supplies and even the old motherboard but I get nothing just wondered what you guys thought!



    any beeping on boot?

    Try another power supply. Just because it gives some power doesn't actually mean that it is working properly.
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    graphic card not in properly?

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    All I've got plugged into the mobo is one stick of ram and I have changed the slot and the ram to ensure it isn't the ram, I've used 3 different power supplies and tried 2 different motherboards the original one which worked but wouldn't boot and the new one I bought which was working and isn't anymore! I can't get my head round this!!!


    were you earthed? static electricity can kill computers

    Make sure you are not forgetting to plug the 4pin/8pin auxiliary power connectors into the motherboard.

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    Yes was earthed and the 4 pin is plugged in I just don't understand I fix computers on a regular occasion, it's not like I'm an amateur I've nearly finished a computer science degree doesn't look good for me!

    So you have swapped components at least twice. Have a drink and take 10 mins away. Are you using the same case? (power switch). Are you getting any response at all when the power switch is pushed? (fan spin up, on board leds etc.) If none then you either have a duff power supply, duff power switch or you have left a connector off.

    Iv'e had this and it was the ram

    Take it back to basics. Take motherboard out of case, place on non conductive surface, wood, cardboard etc. Plug in 1 ram stick. Make sure cpu properly seated. Check cpu fan attached. Plug in Psu connectors. Plug monitor in and check
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