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    Hi folks. Wondering if someone would be able to help us with a laptop prob. B-In-L got a laptop but the symbols above the figures which u get by using the shift key are all random-nothing is as they are showing on the keyboard. The symbols shown on keyboard are the same as on my keboard but appear to be mixed up. Is this a simple problem to sort?? I'm sure I've heard of something like this before but can't remember what it was.

    Thanks in advance for any help.



    Start, control panel, regional and language options, third tab (keyboards and laguages), change keyboard. Make sure it's on English UK.

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    still not working


    still not working

    What does shift and @ produce?

    What does shift and " produce?

    Start, control panel, regional and language options,languages, details. 'Default input language' English UK. 'Installed services' English UK, keyboard UK.

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    Thanks folks. He had to log on as the administrator and then do the language changes and it works now. Thanks for all your help x
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