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    Running spy bot on my son's lap top picked up FRAUD.ANTIVIRUS PLUS
    But iam not able to delete this as it says This action may not be performed completeley since you are not an administrator, any help how to remove it?


    you'll have to rerun spybot but to open spybot right click and chose run as administrator

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    Thanks i shall try it

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    Remove Antivirus Plus, removal instructions
    29 Sep 2009 ... Furthermore, once creators of Antivirus Plus fraud have your credit card details they may take all of your money. ...

    hope it works for you, its best to run as administrator everytime you run spybot as youl undoubtably have the same thing happen again if it picks anything up

    Also worth running any anti malware/spyware/virus in safe mode. That way the least possible memory resident programs will run at startup.
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