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    My PC seems to be infected with some sort of malware that i can not get rid of i am
    getting redirected to web pages i don't want like sites for Viagra.
    I tried spy-bot and malwarebytes


    Have you scanned your comp with an antivirus program?

    Avira Antivirus got rid of a redirecting infection that spybot, malwarebytes & comodo antivirus failed to spot on my comp.

    use malwarebytes in safe mode

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    Yes i have it Quarantined artemis EDA835D1f072.
    But i am still getting redirected to different sites i don't want.

    Have you cleared all of your temporary files? Download Ccleaner if you haven't got it already, install it, close all of your browsers & run the cleaner.

    Which antivirus program are you using?

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    I have tried Ccleaner to.
    I have tried hijack this but don't really know what to do with the results

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    Will restoring my computer to an earlier time help?


    Will restoring my computer to an earlier time help?

    Don't think so.

    Google throws up a lot of results for Mcafee & Artemis.

    Have you had a look on the mcafee forums - might be able to get better help there;…822

    do not do any thing with HJT, you could do more damage if yuo do not know what you are doing, join ]tech support guy the malware section of the forum, post the ? and what you have done and a recent HJT log and they will help you, i have been helped there many times


    any chance to take your hdd out and scan it in different machine as a slave drive?

    could it be a dodgy toolbar?

    anyways if ccleaner for reason didn't clear your temp files, go to run then type %temp% hit enter then select all and hold shift and delete everything!
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