Found 15th Dec 2010
My PC has all of a sudden decided that it doesn't want to produce a good sound - it sounds like reverb on a microphone. Double checked my speakers and they are absolutely fine so I figured it must be the computer.
Is there anything I can try or is my PC heading for the scrap heap?! It's 3-4 years old (Packard Bell)
I'm rubbish with computers and would like some help if possible

Thank you in advance

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did you check the speakers by plugging them into something else
you could try uninstalling the sound card drivers and then restarting your pc, it should then reinstall the drivers

What Operating System are you using?

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I'm using Windows Vista

If you go on your sound settings it might of changed to church hall or something as there is different options of what you want your sound to well sound like, and although you mightn't of changed this sometimes it does just happen (weird I know)

Check the cable that transfers the sound to the speakers, could be damaged or faulty?

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Is all software doing this or just certain stuff.

It's doing this with all software. Have tried cables etc and its not a loose connection.
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