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    My lap top has lost all my folders saved in my documents folder, downloads, as well as the icons from my desk top except recycle bin . When i keep my curser on all programs it shows empty . When i open my add or remove programme i have all intact.The used space on my hard drive is 80 Gb and free space is 12 GB.My kaspersky antivirus is not working and i ran spybot which recognised malware deleted them still no luck.When i restore some files to documents back i am not able to see the files i my documents .I do not know where hey are restored.Help much appreciated



    When you got the message online that your hard drive had failed, you didn't download any programs that said they could help did you? You may have picked up a virus if you did.

    The advice in this thread may help…48/

    BTW, don't be surprised if someone spams this thread as you posted the same thing yesterday

    Don't suppose you're just logged into a second user account (which has no files) are you? Gotta start with the small, stupid mistakes first!
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