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    Thanks to HUKD I recently got a 2nd computer for a great price. I get broadband through my telephone line so bought a netgear DG834G wireless ADSL router now I think I need a wireless USB adapter to get the internet on the new computer can someone advise me if there is a particular one I need or will any work with what I,ve already got there seems to be so many, thanks


    There isn't a particular one you should need, any 802.11g usb adapter should work with any 802.11g router. However with the different chipsets out there, it's often better to match the brand of the adapter and router.

    I tend to buy from somewhere like ebuyer where I can read reviews to see if people are having any compatibility issues.


    If it is a laptop, the chances are there is a network adaptor already built in. Desktop- you will have to probably buy one. Tell us what you have and we can help....

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    Thanks xmal its for a dell desktop inspiron 531 that has vista as i said ive got a netgear dg834g which is up and running on the old desktop what would you suggest

    I tried connecting my laptop with a USB adaptor but had a very poor signal.I borrowed a 108Mbps Wireless PCMCIA LAN Card and it was excellent so I bought one on ebay for £10.58 inc delivery take a look.
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