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    I need to reinstall vista on my pc. I can use the keyboard to access the set up menu but when it says press any key it wont work. Ive tried ps2 and usb but it cant get past that screen. If i remove the vista disc it says windows needs to be started again but i cannot press anything to get it to start normally, then it just keeps restarting.
    Any ideas?


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    Checked the bios for related settings?

    YEah ive changed enabled them to USB but still wont work after I save and finish

    Have you tried enabling 'Legacy USB support' in the Bios ?

    Also make sure you are putting the ps2 keyboard in the keyboard port and not the mouse one. May be as simple as that.

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    DJfluff cracked it. Had them in auto, just put them enabled and voila! Thanks for everyones help. Rep for you all

    NIce one!

    all the best with this one lol
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