Computer help - Onboard sound not recognised & onboard graphics also.

    How do I find out the information that I need on the onboard graphics & sound card so that I can then download the drivers to get them recognised ?

    The problem is on my sisters computer which is not connected to the internet. So I will need to d/l any drivers from the internet with my machine and then install on theres with a usb stick.

    I searched the internet & ended up looking through 'dxdiag' on my sisters computer and there is nothing listed under the 'sound' or the 'display' tabs. On my computer I have things listed under both tabs.

    Below is the info I followed to get system info.

    'go to Start -> Run and type in dxdiag and hit enter. this will give you info on everything you will need to identify components, video cards, memory, page files, networking devices, sound cards.'

    Computer is - Soltek, system model 85MIV3.

    I did a quick search but I see things about BIOS drivers & really dont have a clue about what they do. One other thing is the windows xp pro on there computer aint a proper version but they have had sound on there computer before though.

    Any help appreciated

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