Computer help please.

    My computer has a mind of its own.
    It shuts down when it feels like it.
    Logs off itself.
    Calculater comes on
    Freezes when i click on exit or minimise. I have to press ctrl alt and delete then it works again.
    It also highlights the page whenever it takes a fancy.
    Dh has put xp on it again in the hope it would sort it. But its still the same


    have you checked your cpu fan is still working, as with the rest of the fans in your case, also check ventilation in case of overheating

    I highly doubt thats a problem with the fan, it sounds like a virus - even though you formatted recently?

    Download either Avast or AVG (free anti-virus) and Spybot or Malware bots anti-malware and scan your pc

    Original Poster

    weve already done the avg and spyware and registry thingyr and uniblue spy eraser.
    Came up with no viruses either

    When did this all start happening? Did anything change, like a new mouse or keyboard?

    Have you got all the correct drivers on the computer from the disc(s) supplied with the PC?

    Unfortunately its so hard to make sense of all what is happening, I mean some of it makes sense but other things I have never even heard of before, such as "Calculater comes on" lol. That is a new one to me, perhaps a mathematician poltergeist, but I realise that is a long shot.

    Can you tell us if it happens at a certain time of the day or is it all the time etc?


    have u tried a different mouse? sometimes when they get old they start clicking on stuff as u move them without u realising.

    Yeah check the easy stuff first,Borrow a mouse and keyboard,Check fans are spinning and dust isnt blocking CPU cooler (cost nothing),once you have checked the easy stuff then you can start looking deeper,

    Definitely a virus

    Original Poster

    it all the time.
    We have swapped the keyboard and the mouse yesterday but still the same.
    Dh says hes done the temp check etc

    It was ok till i went aways for 2 days and the kids were allowed on my puter. Which is why i did the virus checks cos ya know what kids are like. But it came up clean as a whistle.

    You got msn?

    Downloaded ay new software recently?

    This is the sorta stuff i do, Not viruses, A command that is usualy sent to you and operated on your computer.

    Original Poster

    Yes i have msn
    Tbh the kids have downloaded games etc. which ive deleted. But could that have done it then?
    im fuming cos they know they aernt meant to.


    Yes i have msn Tbh the kids have downloaded games etc. which ive deleted. … Yes i have msn Tbh the kids have downloaded games etc. which ive deleted. But could that have done it then?

    Have you got msn plus?

    I know, send me your msn address via PM and ill test to see if its what i think it is, if your ok with that

    Could be your pc has been hijacked ,Download Malwarebytes and update it before you run it ,…968

    Original Poster

    downloaded so ill try that now thanks Have pmed you dean

    Added you

    try a different mouse sweetie, see if that solves the problem. perhaps its clicking on stuff as you nudge it around without you realising x x
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