Found 4th Sep 2009
I accidently deleted a file from my laptop and now it will not start up in any mode.
I think it was called realtek ?

Is there any way I can get it back or start the computer ?

Thank you for any assistance.

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Restart the computer in safe mode, click Start > Run > 'chkdsk"

This should sort it out, if you messed up the boot sectors however you'll need a WIndows XP disc (providing you are running XP), simply insert the disc follow the instructions to get to the recovery console and then type the chkdsk command again.


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Safe mode doesn't work but I will try the disc if I can find it.

Thank you

If your laptop is not booting even in Safe mode (or any mode) and you have your important files into it, which you want to backup before reinstalling Windows. I assume that you have lost only software (Windows, etc) and there is no damage to any hardware. Then you can boot your system with
- Windows (any XP/2000/etc) bootable CD and then copy your files using DOS commands
- Any bootable Linux OS (like Knoppix, Ubuntu, etc). These are complete OS and you even don't need to reinstall them. They will run from their CDs.

After taking backup, you will surely need to reinstall your laptop with the Windows it comes with or your own Windows.

PS: I am surprised, how deleting a single file and corrupt the whole OS. The name "Realtek" suggests that its a hardware driver file (may be sound driver)!

Anyway, best of luck for your laptop!

Your choices now depend on whether or not you have any software discs which came with your PC. If you only have the sort called "Recovery discs", then to be honest your going to have to use a linux based boot disc like "Ultimate boot disc" (which you could download from the internet and burn to a cd if you had access to the internet!). The fact you posted on here suggests you have inernet access but maybe not the ability to burn discs.
If you can obtain a copy of he above disc, you could as suggested already run it and chkdsk to hopefully correct your problem.
Similarlly, you could run the same command if you had a cd with the correct retail copy of windows operating system on it.

To be honest, there are better forums for this sort of problem, where the folk would be able to help you step by step through repairing your Window operating system.

Hope you get it sorted.



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Thank you all for yours advice
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