Computer help please.

    Hi All,
    When I switch My computer on it fails to boot up on times. It gives a longer beep than normall and keeps repeating it. I then have to keep switching the power off untill it eventually boots up.
    Just wondering has anyone else had this problem and can point Me in the right direction before it fails completely!
    Cheers Mike.


    Something wrong with the hardware at boot up. The beeps are a standard hardware check called POST, Power On Self Test. Find out which BIOS you have and google it along with POST.

    It could be something simple as a loose connection or dust between the connectors as well though.

    switch it off and make sure everything, especially memory modules are sitting in their slots properly, also as poster above says, give it a good dusting, especially the fans (although this is unlikely to be the problem)

    It could be as simple as the keyboard or mouse not plugged in properly.

    During POST a computer checks that all the components are there for it to work (memory, cpu, hard disk etc) and it also checks that a keyboard and mouse are plugged in.

    Make sure they are well plugged, and maybe try a different keyboard or mouse if you have one.

    The fact it works eventually may mean there is a loose connection.

    Steven is right - the beeps mean different things on different motherboards. You'll need to check your manual or (if you know the model) check online.

    My guess is either your RAM or Video gard might not be seated correctly in their slots.

    Sounds like a specific problem with a cold boot, chances of it being related to any hardware other than the motherboard are slim.

    The things I would try are, CMOS Battery, BIOS Update and posting more information about the specification of your machine. Motherboard in particular.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for everyones comments. I will try to get the info about the motherboard ect. asap.
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