computer help please anyone

    When inserting a cd or dvd into my laptop it is going round & making all the right sounds but is not playing. Have windows media player installed but it is not recognising it. Have updated all drivers and still nothing. Can anybody help me thanks. Tried different cds's & dvd's.

    Speakers are working as other sounds & you tube clips working.


    Have you tried a lens cleaner?

    If it used to work and all the drivers are up to date then it's probably just knackered. If that's the case it's not a disaster, you can pick up an external usb one for just over £20.

    Also can you see any files at all after you insert the disc into the drive in windows explorer?

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    it s not recognising disc drawer keeps opening and telling me to insert disc

    switch off the laptop and then unscrew the dvd drive

    mean unscrew it and then fit it properly and then screw it worked i had a toshiba

    or uninstall the driver files and then download the latest driver files and then re-install - incase of win7 it checks the region code for dvd 's

    If you can't see any files and you've tried several clean, unscratched discs, then I think it's a lens / laser issue so just fugetaboutit as deek72 says go the external way. If you don't want to take the external everywhere you go, you can make images of the cds you want to cart around and mount them in a virtual drive.

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    boabbyrab - thanks for that has fixed some of problem and other relating to different things but still ot playing cd's think I need a new player!!!! Great site though
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