Computer Help - Right click but the properties window doesn't come up.

    Like it says, for a few times now the right click button on my laptop doesn't work. I found out the only way to fix it (temporarily) is by restarting the computer. It gets especially annoying when I want to open new webpages in a tab, not seperate window. Anyone knows why this happens?


    as a temp. workaround, if you hold down key whilst clicking a hyperlink you will open in a new tab

    as for the problem, can you definitly discount hardware fault - i.e. does it always work when the computer first boots?

    sounds like the button needs cleaning, suggest getting a usb mouse, cheap enough, only a couple of quid at pcworld. unless a good overhaul of the laptop is what you want, if still under warrenty get them to do it, if not there are plenty of sites out there giving a how to for just about any laptop out there

    Mecoconuts;4701272 fixing … fixing the reg key above don't fix it then it could be ur hardware !

    that wouldnt really explain an intermittent issue though would it?

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    I don't think the button's stuck because after restarting everything works fine, but it's very puzzling as well mhy this happens. Most of the time it happens after some time I open the computer - maybe half a day. I want to say hardware but I don't know if that's accurate enough. I'm not sure it's virus because I keep my system up to date at all times.

    Weird, I'm hoping for some explanations, but for now thanks for the tab advice!

    Maybe anyone has a theory?

    you could trying running in safe mode with all startup apps disabled and see if it still happens - it *could* be something spyware or malware that is kicking in at some point in the day
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