Found 7th Nov 2007
My wife teaches blind children and has a keyboard she'd like to use.

We have a dell computer at home and it only seems to take usb keyboards.

This one is the older type round socket with half a dozen pegs.

Does anyone happen to know if it is possible to buy a converter at all?



Reckon some pics would help if you could upload some perhaps?

yep, look in maplins- it's about £3.50 and will be with the computer cables.
looks like this but Maplins is black and gold.

.....and billy X saves the day

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Thanks guys, good thinking on the photo, but as a professional photographer, I am useless and don't have a camera here!

Billy x, many thanks, that souns perfect.

All my old keyboards had the same connections, like a smiley face of pins in a round socket ( sorry for poor description!)

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Wow, great work fellas, thanks especially to billyx, that is absolutely perfect - maplins beckons!

Rather than paying for an adaptor, it may be worth asking at any store that sells IT kit (or even an IT department at work). Most keyboards are now USB, but still have the adaptors shipped with them, so you may get lucky & find a spare one:thumbsup:

N.B: make sure you get one for a keyboard not a mouse, they look the same but they don't work when mixed.

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Thanks for the advice. I will certainly ask our IT guys first, good thinking.
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