computer memory question/problem - pc not booting

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Found 17th Aug 2008
Recently i purchased some memory on here which i believe is…tml

Well the pc which has a ASUS P5rd1-v deluxe motherboard is having a few problems....

Previously i had some corsair XMS 3200 256mb (x4) chips = equalling 1 gig - the system ran fine

If i put any combination of these chips in with the new chip - the pc fails to post/ i dont even get any bios failure codes

If i put the new chip in by itself it boots perfectly...

If i put the new chip in with some old PC2700 chips it works.....
If i put the PC2700 chips in with the corsair - it works!!!!

now the chip is clearly working - but does anyone know how to get the…air combo working?

any ideas let me know


I would suspect its the voltage. The old xms modules will require a higher voltage and your new ram a lower voltage. The old pc2700 will probably sit in between. So low and middle work, and middle and high work, but high and low will not work.

Did you only buy one stick of the 1gb memory ?

If you did.....then this may be your problem as your motherboard is only supposed to support 'Matched Pairs' and i think your just lucky that some combinations work. It should tell you in your motherboard manual.

or buy another stick from and put 2gb in it ! :thumbsup:

some memory modules simply do not work together, voltage as above is just one of the reasons but another one is the chip manufacture which simply wont work in a combo

these are probabley not compatible with each other with them being different makes
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