Computer Monitor as a tv? Is this possible?

    I want to get a new monitor (around 19") and it needs to be primarily used for the computer in the conservatory but is it possible to get a special monitor in which you can plug a freeview box into it?

    If this is possible i will be very grateful for information, rep will be given, Budget is £100


    you can get 22" LCD pc monitors with built in freeview, slightly over your budget but might be worth saving for...…spx?Quicklinx=58L0&SearchType=1&SearchTerms=22"+LCD&PageMode=3&SearchKey=All&SearchMode=All&NavigationKey=50383

    Just get monitor with freeview built in or get a tv card for you computer.

    I got a good deal on an lcd tv on ebay that you can use with external things like freeview & still use it as a monitor, you can of course get one with freeview built in.

    yes you need a box called externat tv box.just plug this with your monitor.its works as a tv and monitor.i m not sure its available in uk.i got one from asia.its very cheap there and really good.its cost me only £7.

    Have a look on ebay - There is one for £99 (+£9.99 del) Item 390036576100

    Make I've not heard of Dual but apparently sold in Argos

    There are a wide range of reviews ]Here that you might want to look at.

    Depending on what PC you plan to use you might want one a DVI to HDMI cable (like ]This) to connect it with. You can use any LCD TV/Monitor with a DVI or HDMI input as a PC monitor.

    I have one of ]These which are over your budget but would highly recommend one if you can up your allowance. I mainly use mine for a monitor - This one is 1080P full HD so pretty decent monitor & TV spec too.…567 here you go 19" and has freeview and 3 years onsite warranty…538 or this 1 because the samsung is much better looking on little more expensive

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    Thanks everyone! Great help!!
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