(Computer) Mouse Advice Needed

    Ok, I am not having much luck with getting a mouse for my laptop, so thought that before I buy a new one I would ask for recommendations on which ones are any good.

    1. (Dell Wired) Had it a while, started either not registering clicks or registering 1 click as 10 etc
    2. (Advent Wired) Had it 1 month and scroll wheel stopped working
    3. (Saitek Wireless) Tried to charge it up, would only work when connected with charge cable, checked the batteries and 1 had leaked

    At the moment I am using the one from our computer, which has to be unplugged and plugged back in sometimes, but will do until I get another one! This means we have no mouse for the computer though! As you can see, I am not having much luck, the above all happened in the space of 2 months, the last 1 didnt work once from when I got it!

    Would prefer a wireless mouse, but doesnt really matter. Is for use with Sony Vaio laptop. Dont want to spend too much £. Need to be able to order online


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    Wired Mice…426

    Wireless Mice…425

    Check out some of the customer reviews.

    For Delivery Select: "Within 5 Working Days (Super Saver)" for a 20% discount on del. charge. :-D

    Have you looked at getting a bluetooth mouse?
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