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    Just need a bit of advise, ive been using for years an old 939 AMD 3800 with 1gig memory for midi music/controller, this computer died on me tonight, would a netbook book be able to control run the old steinberg software.


    Maybe, but an Atom is a lot less powerful (probably less that 50%) that the 3800...

    How did it die?

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    I had an XP crash a couple days ago and turned of computer switched it back on and xp wouldn't boot at all, had a look today to try and repair xp with cd, computer crashed a couple of times then i got a warning to reset cpu timing, after that nothing when i turn on computer even no beeps, i've had computer for maybe 5-6 years or possibly more.
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    steinberg software :|...display resolution 1280 x 800 pixels recommended on a netbook oO
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    Have you tried a fresh install, or was it a repair?

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    Think its the motherboard everything powers up if i unplug the ran i get bleeps, i have removed heatsink and fan and have left the pc running a while and the cpu stays cold which makes me assume it motherboard, which is about 5-6 years old so cant complain really.
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