Computer not recognising me DVDR ---- halp!

    Tried burning a few discs last nite and noticed it wasn't working. I then realised that DVDR had seemingly disappeared from my computer. Went into device manager and it came up with error code 39 (something is corrupt or missing).
    Researched on web for some solutions and many froums came up with the following:

    Run -REGEDIT
    Then remove both UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE filters

    What I want to know is has anybody tried this and if it is safe?
    It has positive feedback on the forums, but I don't want to lose anything from my computer such as photos, data, programmes etc..
    Can anyone help?


    lol halp me halp LOL's


    just uninstall the device via device manager then scan for hardware changes


    or do the registry change but backup your registry first so you can back out the change if necessary

    Yes that works Sheriff Waffles and it is safe. It is actually from the Microsoft Help site, removing the upper and lower filters, usually one is present, sometimes both, then rebooting will fix the issue.…060

    That's safe, I had a similar problem, I change my drive because it wouldn't read about 50% of my disc's but the new drive wouldn't read any. Did that and it now reads every disc I throw in it


    always back up your data......

    Original Poster


    always back up your data......

    How do I do that?
    Cant save anything to discs or anything cos it not recognising it

    You could try System Restore first.......To when you know it was working.

    Original Poster

    Thanks to everyone. Just done it and did a registry/sytem back up via link from Phear factor.
    Its there again now - woohoo!
    Rep given!


    Sheriff Waffles;2121646

    How do I do that?Cant save anything to discs or anything cos it not … How do I do that?Cant save anything to discs or anything cos it not recognising it

    Use this from now on....…246

    really good and free!

    allows you to log in online and so access it from anywhere too!
    has selective and automatic back up and also version control. :thumbsup:
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