Computer OR laptop PLEASE!!!

    as said above. if i get a computert then i need a really cheap one. around £100.
    for the laptop i can spnd a bit more around £150-£200.
    sorry for the low prices!!!


    Would you like that gift wraped, sir?:thinking:

    Original Poster


    Would you like that gift wraped, sir?:thinking:


    get one with a good keyboard, it might help your spelling! ;-)

    think he means that thems quite low prices if u want brand new deals...
    prob pick up a netbook for under £200..there's been some great dealios on them recently

    like these.…-1/…9-/

    absolutely pointless posting it seems...

    ebuyer have some cheap ones

    For people to give you any useful recommendations then you're going to need to give us some idea of what you want the machine for. If you're after a machine to use on the move then clearly a desktop isn't worth considering. I can't see how you're going to get a complete brand new desktop system for 100 pounds assuming you need a base, keyboard, mouse and speakers. For the laptop budget then you can squeeze in a brand new netbook as recommended above but these machines tend to function as a compact alternative to an existing larger machine rather than independent in their own right due to their small screens and limited processing capability.

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