computer parts.

    Dnt wana sound like a tramp but im skint and was wondering if anyone could send me unused and unneeded pc parts cause my pc is ****. lol
    I have a
    1.25g/hz amd processor
    40g hard drive
    2 X 256mb ram (512mb)
    no graphics card and my motherboard doesnt even have a slot for 1
    a cd rw/dvd rom
    also my power supply blew up a while back and i had to buy the cheapest one i could find its soooooo loud
    and thats bout it c wot i mean lyk pure *****

    really greatful for any help Thankz
    ps im a student thats why im skint.


    Wher abouts are you, I may have some bits and bobs but post would cost more than what they are worth.

    Student? It's been summer holidays for the past four months - am I guessing right that you didn't bother getting a job in that time?

    sound just like my father lol

    Dxx, im not siding, but for the 4 months [i broke up in may due to GCSEs] i couldnt find one job. I applied in over 15 places.

    Anyone can find a job, and I do mean anyone. Fair enough it might not be well paid or particularly pleasant work, but beggars can't be choosers.

    @ Joehosif, that PC doesn't sound that bad really mate, what exactly are you using it for? I can't think of anything that a PC with the spec you're describing would have problems with, other than ofcourse the latest games etc.
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