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    Hello! My laotop struggles to play vids from fbook/youtube etc without interruption! Would downloading flash player or something similar speed it up? and where is the safest free download? Thanks!


    I have this problem too. Have always assumed its my internet speed!


    I have this problem too. Have always assumed its my internet speed!

    thats because your right!


    thats because your right!


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    Could be your laptop, some intel graphics based laptops have been reported to have choppy flash video playback. Try changing the hardware acceleration by right clicking on the video and selectig settings.

    update to latest video codecs would also help the stuttering affect.

    Hi, i have this problem.When you get on the video on youtube you need to press pause and let the red bar run along the bottom..Leave it until at least half way and then your video will play.If it catches up with the bar just pause again.
    You will understand what im on about once your on youtube and press pause.
    I know this is only a quick fix but it does help! xx

    Or install realplayer and download the vids so that you are not streaming them

    #1 update flash player
    #2 if using a laptop make sure its not running on low power setting
    #3 pause the vid let fully download then play
    #4 check your internet speed(google my broadband speed) or even try at non peak hours
    #5 do a virus/spam/malware scan (updating the antivirus 1st)
    #6 close some unnecessary programs
    #7 see if others are sharing your broadband(even hackers esp if u live in urban areas)
    #8 dont use apple
    thank me later

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