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Found 29th Jan 2010
Im having a rather unusual dilemma. Im not a complete computer novice, but wanted advice from u guys for the most effective/efficient way of tackling my little issue.

Ok so here goes (please bear with me):

I have 4 internal hard drives in my desktop.

2 X Samsung Spinpoint 1tb each (SATA)
1 X Hitachi 250gb (IDE)
1 X Maxtor 160gb (IDE)

Now the problem is that about a week ago i started hearing 1-2 clicks (one short click followed by half a second of noise that the harddrive makes when u access files, no whistling). But i didnt know what hard drive was the culprit. I was able to access all drives and the clicks didnt really appear in any specific order, it was spontaneous. Anyway, did a test using one of the professional softwares, 3 seemed to have passed but one of the sammy's (this was a storage drive anyway) failed the S.M.A.R.T test and software recommendation was to back it up. Then a day or so later, i was unable to access/transfer anything out of that sammy drive, everytime i did, i kept getting an i/o error.

I thought i had the drive sussed. Anyway, i moved it out of the computer (the supposed faulty F1), into a caddy, connected it to my laptop and im backing the files up. I dont hear the clicky noise, i can access all files and transferring is not problematic either.

So while im concentrating on the F1 in the caddy, i hear the click of death noise coming from the dektop. So now im thinking that theres probably 2 drives out of 4 that are on their way out. So now i need to find out which one is clicking.

I have connected 1 at a time on the desktop, but i dont hear the click on any of the remaining 3 individually, but have done so when there was 3/4 in at the same time. I have downloaded HUTIL for samsung, but i wont be able to run this on both, because im transferring stuff from one on to the other , so i will only be able to test this on the F1 that failed the smart test, as samsung say that i may lose all data on the drive that i test it on.

Other then that i can run seatools for windows on all 4 drives, but im expecting the 3 to return back as passed. If the software says its passed and the drives are ok, should i ignore and carry on? If not, how do i find out which drive is faulty, without waiting and seeing which one dies on me?

Is there anything that i should do that i have overlooked?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Also im having difficulties with transferring data from one of the F1 to my laptop. I can view the data but everytime i try to copy/transfer it to the laptop, i keep getting access denied. Im not too sure how to change the permissions, but when i try it tells me that the changes havnt been applied and acess denied
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It could be a power supply problem, or almost anything! You'd probably be better off posting this sort of thing on one of the PC specific forums.
For transferring the data to the laptop, use linux, unbuntu is great, will totally ignore the windows permissions and will copy the data.

As for the drives, I feel your pain! I had a very similar problem a few weeks ago, ended up taking all the drives out, testing them with seatools one by one, but during testing I managed to find the culprit drive.

Tony is right though, could even be a PSU..

Good luck.
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