computer screen too white, can't see many options

    Any idea what my son has done. The screens are all white with some options showing under a black box. You can only see certain options when you hover around the screen and the writing shows up green and black. I do have a short video clip but can't add it to here. Hope this makes sense.

    Is it an easy fix please?


    Brightness or contrast on the monitor?

    Otherwise, possibly hit an option that changed the picture.

    Sorry, didn't read this right.

    Has anything else changed?

    First thing that comes to mind is inverted colours maybe.

    Windows or IOS?

    Laptop or desktop?

    Have you tried switching off and on again?

    Possibly in high contrast mode, try ALT + left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN

    If that doesn't work, right click on desktop and select "personalise" and then select the normal mode.

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    Sorry had to pop out. It's kind of inverted colour.
    It's a windows 10 laptop. I will try that alt combination now. Will go get the laptop.

    Thank you all

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    Just went into right click and personalise. It's saying some options aren't available in high contrast mode. But pressing the ALT left shift and print screen buttons don't make any difference. It's been like this for so long which means the laptop is going to waste as no one likes working on it like this!

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    It worked, thank you all! It looks so much better lol
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