Computer screen turned black and white - help!

    Powered up my PC this morning to find it only displaying black and white! Was working fine up until now. I have a mini-ITX PC running Windows 8.1 with a MSI GTX 770 hooked up to my TV via HDMI. No changes to settings or driver updates since last power down. No obvious changes to colour/graphics settings that I can see. Tried re-installing the graphics driver, no luck. Definitely not the TV as the on-screen menu still displays in colour. Have I fried the card? It's a new build and I haven't been closely monitoring temps in gaming yet. Haven't tried another card yet, but wondering if it might be a software problem before I open the case.

    Any help appreciated.


    check the settings on the tv - if the port is set to ntsc you get this

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    check the settings on the tv - if the port is set to ntsc you get this

    Sorry, can you clarify what settings you mean? How do I view/change this 'port' settings in the TV menu? I have a Sony KDL W653. And would that cause a sudden change in colour gamut?

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    Actually just discovered that my PS4 via the other HDMI port is also only displaying black and white!

    So looks to be a problem with the TV. Any idea how I might fix it without sending it off?

    As mas99 said check that the input is set to PAL and not NTSC or S-Video. Via picture settings on the settings menu.
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