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    Looking to compare two PC's specs..

    I currently have:
    Intel® Pentium® D Dual Core processor 830
    3.0 GHz, 2 x 1MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB

    2GB DDR2 SDRAM with 533 MHz

    NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6700 XL
    •Graphics processor with 525 MHz
    •128 MB PCI Express x16 bus concept
    DVI + VGA

    I've just been offered:

    Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 (2.5GHz)

    Memory 2048MB (2x1024) 800MHz DDR2

    GeForce 8400GS 512MB Passive DDR2 PCI-Express Graphics Card - HDMI

    It's from a friend and won't cost anything (I'll buy the video card from Aria)

    Is it worth me changing ? I only use the PC for general home useage !

    Is the New a better spec than the old ?



    Yes it is a better spec, less power hungry aswell.
    i would bite his hand off.

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    Is it worth spending £50+ to increase the memory to 4GB ?

    Would this work it's £40 !!
    4GB OCZ Gold (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Dual Channel Kit
    On offer at Aria:…540

    you say for general use, you wouldnt even need to upgrade the graphics.
    2gb is more than adequate. I wouldnt buy anything for it if it was just for general use.

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    I need the new video card so I can run dual screens.

    Old PC will be used in the family..

    Will I actually notice any difference ??

    Probably not that much, but it IS a btter spec.
    and its free.

    Im running the slower e6300 processor with 2gb more ram and a gfx card that isnt as good and i am a heavy user, and very happy with how it performs

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    The E6300 is slower than the E5200 ??

    1.83ghz was one of the first lower end c2ds released.

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    This PC is a Dell vostro 220. Can anyone recommend a decent dual output video card for it ?


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    Thanks I have one vga + one dvi screen.

    Do scan do a similar spec /price card. ?
    I'm passing there later.

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    Thanks for the replies

    Are any of these £50 (ish) Video cards going to be any better than GeForce™ 6700 XL ??

    If so which £50 (ish) card would you recommend to put in this Dell ?


    is this a straight swap as it isnt worth spending megabucks on it and adding gfx card, then trying to sell old one really


    also all depends what you do with it. If its just for general usage and browsing then your current pc is more than good enough.

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    it's a free PC, for general mid home usage !

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    Thanks for the advice.. I've got the PC.. just need to get the video card.

    Hopefully it will a bit faster than the old one



    Thanks for the advice.. I've got the PC.. just need to get the video … Thanks for the advice.. I've got the PC.. just need to get the video card.Hopefully it will a bit faster than the old one

    if you arent playing latest games then why bother changing the card anyway?

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    Because I may play the odd game of FarCry or Fear !!


    6700 should be fine for far cry / fear
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