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    hi all

    getting a new pc very soon, what is the easiest/cheapest/safest way to transfer some of my files from my old desktop to the new one? will the fact my old desktop uses vista basic matter when the new one will have windows 7?



    How about an external drive, you can copy the files you want on to the external drive, then transfer to your new laptop.
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    if you use the same programs on your new laptop then any folders you import will work but anything you want to import that used things only on that operating system may or may not.

    The cheapest would be over a network. No need to buy any extra equipment, well just another ethernet cable. Make sure both pcs can see each other in workgroup and enable file sharing.

    What do you mean by files and how big would they be?

    I ask because if it's just a few gb's of pictures and word documents you can buy 16GB memory sticks for quite a reasonable amount now.


    Your best bet is to buy an external hard drive. It can be a large capacity USB drive if you don't have that much.

    The big advantage is, for the sake of 20 or 30 quid you have a backup of your data so if your new PC's hard drive fails you don't lose everything.

    ALWAYS keep a backup of important data. Trust me, don't learn the hard way and lose years of memories when your pictures are stored only on the disk that has just died. I've seen many cases of this and it's heartbreaking for them when it happens.

    Just plug your old hard drive into your new pc and drag & drop the files you want to copy.

    aside from the fact you should already have all these backed up on other media, doesn't windows have a file and document transfer utility?, just use that and plug both pcs into your router.

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    thanks for replies

    i should have been more explicit in op

    the old two files i really need (other than very small password files) are 2.83gb (music file) and 83.4k (i tunes library)


    Burn a DVD.

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    thanks phear suspect that easiest way
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