Computer trouble (graphics card?)

    Right will try keep this short, today got some new bits for my computer, but for whatever reason didn't work. Upon going back to my original configeration there is no display on the monitor.

    I have tried the monitor on my laptop which works fine, the power supply, cpu and graphics card all spin when i try to run the computer, and the motherboard light comes on but no image displayed.

    This problem has got me stumped as have checked all the wires are in correct and pushed in hard enough.

    The computer can run for as long as it likes so no problem with it overheating.

    Anyone got any ideas as to the problem? im led to believe its a problem with the graphics card but would like some back up to this fact for me to spent even more money trying to fix the problem



    Is the graphics card pushed into the PCI slot properly?

    Can you explain in more detail what you have unplugged, put in and so on.

    Some motherboards will not 'post' because they have two power connectors and only one is plugged in for example.
    It could be a memory configuration issue, or you might just need to clear the CMOS.

    Can you confirm whether there is a speaker attached to the motherboard or not, as this should give out beeps telling you what the problem is.

    Just reset your bios dude.

    Shot in the dark but your mb could have reset to onboard graphics so that maybe a case of plugging your monitor into the mb port then changing the video out to pcie in the bios...

    Or something i have have done many times is forget to plug the graphics cards pcie power cable in (if it needs one). :P

    could be a weak power supply, could even be an incompatibility between mobo and graphics card. what card and mobo ? , as some nvidia gtx cards won't work on some mobo's so it would help to know your mobo, graphics card, and power supply make and model.
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