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My desktop is old. I can't afford a new one, so is it possible to upgrade RAM, tower case as mine is dented etc, to get it running a little faster.
Heres the specs

amd anthlon 64 x2 dual core processor 5000 2600mhz
win power atx 450w
Motherboard mza fm
winfast px7300 gs 256 mb
2gb dd r800 800 mhz 4x256

maxtor 250 hard drive
3 other drives, (case is bursting
dvd writer
usb 2.0
ieee 1394

thanks in advance
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The only thing worth doing would be getting an SSD as your boot (Windows) drive
Ye that's extremely old tech. your probably best holding off till you afford a little more and getting yourself an ex business refurb for about £90
The upgrades that should have the biggest impact:
1. SSD as already stated - I think a 64GB one can be had for about £30 last time I checked. (I use one as my boot drive).
2. More RAM - be careful to get the right type. You should get some cheap prices on eBay.
3. Do some research on how to speed up windows (turn off unneeded services etc.)
Hi, thanks for the replies.

Ah I see. I'll definitely look into the RAM and SSD.

I think I'll start saving, for a new computer

we've been making do with it as we edit little videos (for the kids) in our spare time. It's been struggling with little effects in them, this is the reason for asking.

thanks again
If you don't mind refurbished I have bought several laptops and desktops over the years from IJT Direct
Are the dents in your pc case slowing it down?
They aren't bad dents, checked inside and there's no damag
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That's very old tech, your talking about 10 years old.
To be honest it's not worth spending anything on it.

It's going to be running XP or vista so it will be out of support.

Save up and buy something 2nd or refurbed.
Hell if you keep an eye on free groups on Facebook and the like you'll get something better being given away.
4x 256M RAM!!! that would be 1GB, not 2 - 1GB DDR2 800 sticks go for 50p at CEX, so 4x 1G set would be dirt cheap, and you couldn't go more than 4GB total without re-installing a 64bit OS
The best AM2 CPU they have in is AMD Phenom Quad 9950+ Black Ed (2.6Ghz) AM2 for £12 - and if whatever you use for video can take advantage of a quad, that would be a massive advantage.
*** The 9650 may be a safer option, as the 9950 is a 140W vs the 72W of the original / 77W of the 9650 and the motherboard or the Win power PSU might not be up to the higher power.
NB. You would also need fresh thermal paste if changing the CPU, and to clean the old paste off the heatsink.

Unless you really hate the case, I wouldn't bother too much... looking at about £20-ish for some reasonable looking ones that will probably cut your fingers on sharp edges inside.

As in another suggestion, an ex-office i5-2400 system would wipe the floor with it - can find them around the £100 mark, but harder to find tower versions at that price - usually skinnys

PS. please check the motherboard model - Piriform Speccy should read it, as I don't recognise the model - the upgrade paths vary depending on if it's AM2 (will accept AM2/AM2+ CPU) or AM2+ (Will also accept AM3 CPU with BIOS update)
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