computer very slow help needed

    My computer will get to the bit where you choose the account but when I click on it it just stays on the page where it says loading personal settings and that's it and it will just stay there I have got on with safe mode and I hav e deleted lots of stuff as well to see if it helps but no luck rep for anyone who can help


    Personally I would back up everything you want to keep and do a fresh install providing you have the know how.

    That would give it the "out of the factory" state, and if you're still encountering the same problems after that then it's time to look at the hardware...

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    I was going to do a reboot and I have 50% space on one hard drive and 25% on the other

    this all happened when used the router virgin media gave
    hasn't worked since

    been using iPod touch and ps3

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    Thanks will check

    Leave your computer on tonight and do a disk defragmenter also do a disk cleanup, and run windows safety scanner from microsoft to clean your registry its free google it.

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    Thanks will try the first two but when I did defragment before it didn't remove anything any other way you can da a reboot without a cd
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