Found 12th Jan 2011
Got a little problem i am hoping someone will know the answer to really easily.
I have just connected my laptop to the TV via a VGA 15 pin male plug.
I have no sound coming out the TV. the only sound i can hear is from the laptop..

Any ideas as to how i get the TV which is a samsung 40" tele to give me some sound..

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lol VGA is just VGA not sound

It's called a aux cable the 3.5mm jack at both sides

something like this

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thats what i thought. But thought that I would ask anyway..
Dont have a audio cable.. ****...

Yip as Woodward says. Connect a Jack up to the Laptop headphone socket and the 40" TV should have a PC audio input.

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thanks very much everyone for your answers and help.
Just had a look on ebay. I will probably need a longer one just so that i can put the pc somewhere safe.. cause its perched on another pc at the moment.

5m ones are about £1.50 or less on amazon

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I got one for 1.59 off ebay and the vga cable 5m for 2.79 off ebay.. bargin..
i can watch my monster stash of avi's on the tele now.. whoo hooo..
thanks for your help people
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