Found 9th Oct 2007
my pc is running really slow ive been told its infected,wot do i need to buy or even better download for free to get rid of it please.hoping not to spend too much on it.

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AVG is a great anti virus software...its free too: ]http//fr…/2/

You could always try an online virus scanner like ]Trend Housecall for starters, and then you should really get an antivirus program on there. AVG is pretty good but there are others.

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thanks 2 the repliers

Try to get some sort of anti spyware application as well like ad aware or Spybot, personally I'd go for both plus Windows defender.

If you've got nothing too vital on your PC I'd consider just formatting it and go for a clean install of your operating system if you do find a serious virus problem, I'd never really trust my PC setup after that, even if my anti virus said it was fixed.

But I'd certainly test it first to see if that is the problem and how serious it might be

Do as Spriggan recomends get AVP and get it to virus check your whole system.

Then get S]pybot and ]Ad-Aware as well to clear out any spyware and malware.

They are both free, download them, install them then check for the latest updates.

Run one program after the other as between them they should catch any spyware on your PC

Also download a free firewall like zonealarm. My setup includes avg for anti virus, zone alarm for a firewall, ad aware and spybot. All free and do the job.

I've tried lots of antiviri apps like norton / mcaffee / avg etc and the best one I have found anywhere is nod32 (I pay 14 quid a year for it) by esset.. used it now for around 3 years and it is excellent and has caught everything on my pc including all these internet page viri. I also use adaware (free version) and spybot.. The firewall i use is the one by sygate (not bought out by norton).
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