Computer virus advice please

    Norton has just done an update and a new window came up saying Threat Detected. Virus found Win32/Heur

    I have no idea what this means and if i click on more information it says "we have no more information" Lol

    Any ideas what it means please?


    probably a trojan, if you get to the file via mycomputer you should be able to delete it

    Win32/Heur, also mentioned as Virus Win32 Heur is a dangerous self-mutating polymorphic trojan virus, typically installed on windows system without victims knowledge. The Win32/Heur virus infects PC's via dubious filesharing applications, corrupt media files, spam emails and porn related web sites. Onec infected, Win32/Heur virus will modify Windows win32 system files, and install additional trojans, worms and viruses onto the infected computer. The Win32/Heur trojan is usually detected with the "Virus found Win32/Heur" alert and may activate fake Dr. Watson security warnings and redirect Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers to sites like or…php
    This will kick it into touch for you

    Free to use or one time fee if you want real time scanning

    Original Poster

    Ok, thanks guys xx

    google is your friend....


    google is your friend....

    thats a lie, search engines are fast becoming our worst enemy!!
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