computer wizzard needed

    I have a laptop which went wrong on monday and i tried to re install windowes and now it comes up with the tech guys help centre for which i have tried all of the options available but it just goes back to this screen, I would put it in a shop but ni they charge an absolute fortune and i#m never keen on paying strangers, I was wondering if anyone knew of some one good to come and have a look. I only got it last year but cannot find the paperwork with it plus i think've probably messed with it to much

    thanks in advance

    forgot to say i'm located in harlow essex


    Do you know the exact model number ?

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    Do you know the exact model number ?

    its advent k1301p

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    very very helpfull thanks and goodbye

    Here are the instructions from the techguys site ,If you have followed them all then you will either need recovery discs which can be bought from the techguys or a Windows Vista disc,Do you know anyone with a Vista disc you could borrow to repair your laptop,…spx?ID={4ecfc688-9e8a-4bf0-b511-8ca7f6df2eba}&CatID={9d6df80d-e3b9-495a-80f6-d1c839c6f00b}
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