Computer/internet help please.

    I have an ongoing niggle which I'm hoping someone can help me resolve. My laptop connects to my router through an ethernet cable and sometimes if I am watching something on Youtube and I navigate away from the page or close the browser before the clip has finished buffering my internet connection breaks. The only way to resolve it is to disable my LAN then enable it again. Anybody any suggestions if I might have a setting wrongly configured?


    u running static ip addressing? :thumbsup:

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    u running static ip addressing? :thumbsup:

    How would I know?

    I don't think the type of addressing will have much to do with it - what router do you have?

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    Netgear DG834G

    go to FAQ on Netgear site it has a product support section link below.hope this helps…php

    i had probs with my netgear too, now using my dad's speedtouch and had no probs with it. Still waiting for aol to send out my new router been nearly 3 weeks now
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