Computers on its way out - what should I do with Photos?

Hi guys,

Just after a bit of advice really, I know my computer could be on its way out, its a few years old now and ive already had to have the power supply replaced once - anyway im getting a little worried that if it does pack in i will lose all my millions of pictures.

Whats the best thing to do to store them, but them on cd's or onto memory cards?

Would really appreciate some help with this.

Thanks guys

Stacey xxx


Buy an external hard drive and copy them all to that

Buy a new PC and copy onto that

Buy loads of DVDs and burn them onto that if your PC has the facility.

Only thing I will say is do it quickly - if you think it may go it will probably go quickly.

If you've got a lot then an external hard drive would probably be your best bet. Otherwise USB memory sticks. I don't trust CDs/DVDs.

Yes DVD, memory stick. Also online photobucket or the like if you want to view them online or for storage (basic gives you 50gb free storage).

Hard drive.

Original Poster

im even wondering if I should just upload them to some site like truprint and get a whole load of prints done? hmmm decisions,

what about one of these photo storage banks? are they worth it - or is there every possibility that the site might disappear? grrr what to do

+1 for external harddrive they are pretty cheap fo big storage can just dump all ur pics on there and any other files u wanna keep then transfer to new pc or family members pc etc

I'd get a USB hard drive, they're not that expensive and definitely worth every penny should your PC go wrong. Hard drives can fail at any time (even on month old machines) without warning and professional data recovery isn't cheap nor is it always that successful.


I'd recommend backing them up to decent DVD-Rs, they should keep for quite a while. You may need to transfer the contents to new media in a couple of years, but good DVDs should last a while kept in the right conditions.

If you can find out how much space you are using with all these photos , it may be a good idea to post this info.:thumbsup: basic is looking good

Never trust ONE backup media.

If you put them on an external hard drive that can be dropped or can crash.

If you put them on CD or DVD they can be come unreadable over time.

If you put them on a memory stick that can get lost.

So I would backup your pictures to an external hard drive, AND CDs or DVDs (do 2 of each), AND maybe copy them to a friends or relatives PC or laptop as well (also maybe online as well)..

You can never have too many backups (as you may find tomorrow when your PC crashes and you lose all your pictures!)

In fact too be honest you should have backed them up before now, DONT wait until your hardware goes wrong. A PC or laptop can easily crash, a hard disk can crash, a PC or laptop can get stolen, so BACK UP EVERYTHING.
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