Concern with car temperature needle on astra

    temperature needle on my 2002 astra 1.6 is playing funny games !

    on local roads driving at 30 or 40 mph it is fine in the middle but on the motorway at 70 or 80 mph it is always on cold !!

    anyone got any ideas whats causing the problem?


    thermostate is jammed open, it should be a quick fix, not expensive

    What do you mean by "cold"? Cooler than normal or needle drops to the bottom?

    get yourself over to the Astra owners club - they'll help ya, also lots of help threads (just use the search) :thumbsup:


    Could be a stuck thermostat,,When you are moving fast the air cools the water and the thermostat closes to keep the temperature up.Its not really a problem this time of year but in the winter it will take longer to warm the engine and heater up,it may make you use more fuel too.However it is cheap to fix,

    stuck thermo

    Original Poster

    ok thanks, guys

    lucky thermo is covered under warranty

    thats ok, ye thanks, no problem................................. oh yeah thanks for the rep for the help.NOT
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