Concerned about point stress with loft legs

Posted 3rd Feb 2013
Hi HUKDers, i wanted to ask my fellow community if anyone has any opinions, expert or otherwise, or experience with loft legs?

Ive just had my insulation done, and it now sits avast of my joists and upon reading about the insulation, i am almost about to buy these toolstation.com/sho…016,
accompanied by wickes T and G 18mm 1220x320mm chip board sheets to put a floor above my insulation and continue to use the loft for storage... i was about to order when i did some reading on a forum about stress points onto the timber- resulting in possible cracks and bowing of the ceiling below- the result of the mass on the floor above the legs being concentrated to that particular spot.

I intended to put loft legs at 40mm intervals, my joists are 60mm apart and the Board is 18mm thick... does anyone have any experience? Its just really for storage of boxes, xmas decs and so forth.. the only time human weight will be on the boards is to access said items... it will cost about £204 to do the entire loft.


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Do you mean 40 cm intervals? I would not think you'd have any trouble at 40 cm intervals. That would spread any load very well. If i was fitting these I would probably fit at 60cm intervals as I would only be storing xmas decs etc. The chip board would probably weigh more then I would be putting on it!
yeah sorry about that you're right, they should read in cm intervals not mm lol. well I read a review that at 60cm some have found it springy and besides I'm a big chap so wanted to provide as much support as possible. thanks for your reply tho, I think I'm gonna go for it, and agree about the chipboard weight lol
"well I read a review that at 60cm some have found it springy" #

Had not considered that, and its probably very true. 40 cm would be 4 per length so would provide more even spacing per board too.
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