Concerned about tranfering my mobile number to another network

Found 20th Nov 2008

I want to transfer my orange PAYG mobile number to an ASDA PAYG sim. It's a business number so I can't afford to lose it as there is a lot of advertising out there with it on. Is it safe to get a pac code from orange and transfer to ASDA?

Is there any chance the could lose my number?

The Asda site says it will take about 2 days, will the number switch instantly from Orange to ASDA or will I be without my number for 2 days? I don't want to miss any calls.…7.1

Thanks for the help
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It'll be fine. Whilst Asda are switching it, you'll stay with Orange.
It can take a couple of hours to swap on the day, I usually keep the old sim in one phone and the new sim in another. That should minimise any chance of losing any calls, bear in mind that they dont usually give an exact time, they just tell you the date it will change.
Thanks for all the info. So it will either stay with orange or go to ASDA and can't be lost?
Dont see how they could lose it, never heard of anyone else having any problems, sometimes hear of people who it taks a little longer to swap but nothing worse.
The wife has just moved to Asda and recieved her pac coce from Tesco.
You will need to turn your phone off on the day of porting and turn the phone on every couple of hours to check when porting complete. The wife found Asda very helpfull so there would be no problem for you.
Don't worry:thumbsup:
If you have saved your contact numbers on your sim,, don't forget to move them to your phone as when the old sim stops working on your old network you will not be able to get the numbers off it.
I'm moving from Orange to Asda's sim...I've requested / been given my PAC and I'm told that in 30 days it will expire, so with no good deals on phones at the mo I'm going to switch to the cheap Asda tariff until I see one to keep my number alive.
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