Concord carry cot car seat adaptors - where can I get some from?

Found 16th Aug 2015
I've purchased a concord pram and accessories, and found out I can use the proton carry cot as a car seat, but I need some adaptors, problem is, I can't find any for sale! Any ideas please?
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hi have you tried ebay
Yep, both the uk and us sites I thought they would be the obvious place but nope! Also tried amazon, babyworld, kiddicare, mothercare, pramworld etc
Are you sure you need an adapter, the proton a appears to be made by concord too.
I have a couple of Jane pushchairs and all of the recent Jane car seats and carrycots fit any recent chassis with profix.
Concord and Jane seem to be the same company, to the point that items from the two brands are also interchangeable as they use the same connectors, so and odd that you would need additional adapters, unless either the chassis or carrycot are from before they did the unified connector e.g. There was an adaptor made for the powertrack chassis to allow car seats and carrycots with the profix adapter to be fitted, and there was possibly an older connector.
Oh just read your message again, is it adapters to connect the carrycot to the car?
The proton seems similar to the Jane transporter carrycot, which on early models needed adapters to connect to the seat belt. Maybe try the transporter adapters, as like I said before the concord and Jane products seem to be the same items rebranded.
Actually it looks like it was the Jane capazo that was the same as the concord proton, I can seem to see any adapters for it still though. You might have issues as they will be old parts now as the capazo has been replaced with the transporter and the transporter 2 since, so 3 generations back.
We have the transporter 2 and a transporter (1, for using as a moses basket as it was second hand so can use it as a car seat) and they are really good if you travel enough to justify getting a travel carrycot.
However they are really big to fit in the car when using it as a carrycot and baby in the normal car seat. It filled the boot of my clio and the chassis had to go on the back seat, now changed car so isn't so much of an issue.
I'm quite lucky in that I have both a mini (the reason for going for the concord - it fits in!) and a renault master minibus which is wheelchair adapted for my son. If I can't find any I will just make do with the one car seat but I liked the idea of one in each vehicle. Will look for the jane ones though.
I've just had a look, the concord version of the Jane Transporter 2 is the Sleeper 2.0…-0/ if that helps you find one.
Jane also do a car seat called the Matrix, which is heavier than a normal car seat, but has a hinge which lets it be put flat as a carry cot or with a upright back as a car seat, and can be put in the car in both formats. There doesn't seem to be a Concord version of this seat though

Sounds like you probably have the Concord version of the stroller I have, as it was the smallest I could find to fit in a small car. I've got the Rider, with the strata car seat and transporter carrycot, although I've also got a secondhand Slalom R for using around the farm (Which is why I looked in to Jane and Concord so much as I wanted something which has chassis and accessories which could be interchanged between each other.
Thank you, I shall have a hunt, or perhaps just buy another car seat lol

Thank you, I shall have a hunt, or perhaps just buy another car seat lol

​keep an eye out on ebay, gum tree and preloved, if you can trust a second hand car seat then there are some really good bargains. Check the seat fits your chassis though as there has been some variations until profix was standardised (and I'm not sure if concord have been using it as long as Jane)
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