concrete fence post help, bought 29 , 7ft9 posts fitted 12 upto now and noticed 3 days later 4 have hair line cracks in middle

Found 2nd May 2011
anyone with experiance can you help , is this a bad batch i dont want to fit the rest if there going to brake and crack . going to phone the fence supplier tomorrow to come out and see then if i new the would be this weak i would of used wooden posts
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thats a lot of fence posts oO they wont break (snap in half) as they have 2 metal rods inside that reinforce them, if the cracks are just surface, then I wouldn't worry too much as I've just checked mine & I have a few surface cracks & that line of posts have been up for a few years now, if the cracks are deeper, you could get water in, which might lead to rusting of the metal rods & then "blow" the concrete.
yer the crack goes straight throught and the post is weaker not its happened to 4 of the 12 post so am not fitting any more now going to get the fencing supplier out , i just think its a weak batch of posts may be the concrete is weak the post have 4 steel rods in them . really peed off because i ll have to break the posts out now which will take ages,
I don't remember seeing any cracks on my posts, unless they are so small like hairline cracks. (Painted now)
Yes this happened to me just had to replace 9 2.7m posts on a job
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