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Posted 30th Nov 2022 (Posted 14 h, 51 m ago)
Hi All

Can anyone advise best way to deal with condensation in main bedroom but also in bathroom and now starting in a spare room as well, think there may be an underlying issue and so de humidifier wouldn’t resolve? Also light sleepers so even slight noise would be a problem. There’s also slight moulds appearing on walls too, is best place to start with the guttering maybe? could this be the reason why? Get someone/professions to take a look? Any help/advice would be much appreciated and thanks in adv
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    Condensation is quite likely at this time of year. Check guttering. If it is full, water may be overflowing onto walls. However, it may be as simple as the house is not warm enough/there is too much moisture in air, from things like clothes drying, bathing, etc. Dehumidifier may help if there is no underlying issue. If it is in multiple rooms, then an underlying issue is less likely. E.g., if it was degraded mortar, that would start in a single location. If there's a burst pipe, that would be a single location, etc. It's doubtful it's coming from the ground because you mention upstairs rooms, and you would only expect that sort of problem to just materialise in a poorly constructed new build. Proper ventilation will also help. Open some windows during the day. Crack a window at night. Some people recommend certain plants that suck moisture out of the air, and salt. Although don't expect a big effect there.

    Remove mould with fungicidal spray, turn the thermostat up, clean any condensation, ventilate better and see if it works.
    Thank you for reply and all your info,
    yes windows are opened everyday and left open nearly all day, maybe that’s too much or possibly heating isn’t on during the night, was thinking this but as I’m not sure. Heating is on prior to bedtime then goes off and nothing is on during the night, trying to keep the cost down there’s no laundry being dried in these rooms. Will defo consider the other things you also mentioned, thanks again
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    The condensation is probably caused from breath overnight so opening the windows a crack overnight will help but at the end of the day you need to mop it up daily or mold will be you friend. Most people image there is some major issue but the reality is we chuck out a lot of moisture over night in our sleep. Ive just done mine takes 60 seconds with toilet paper , but a cloth might be just as good. Kill off any existing mold with a spray and from then on if you dry daily you should be ok.
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    As above (albeit some explanations may be seen as dramatic )
    Keeping it simple and obvious -
    Open windows during warmer periods of the day if you can normally 12 to 2pm or more if outside temperature is okay !! have windows on vent opening if fitted with dehumidifier running at night time especially.

    Condensation will be reduced significantly. (edited)
    If you read above I already said de humidifier isn’t an option due to noise and windows already open for several hours every day, so not sure about your comment keep it simple and what’s dramatic, nothing is and this is all just explaining the situation @ Kissinger has been a great help really useful advice and not sarcasm which can be done without thank you
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    Get some if these bmstores.co.uk/pro…776

    And get a window man in, could have broken seals or just rubbish installation
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    Sleeping in an unventilated room causes condensation, always best to leave a window open at night if possible. If the room gets too cold with the window open all you can do is mop it up with a chamois leather or similar in the morning and open the windows during the day. (edited)
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