Condenser Dryer - please help, which one to buy.

Found 8th Jan
Hello Guys -
I've been carefully monitoring deals and comments on here regarding Condenser Dryers - we will be buying one this week and our budget is £200.

I have found quite a few for this price range and would like to know from members which one they feel would be the better one to buy ( i have no previous experience of them as i havent had one before.

Below are links to the ones i have made a shortlist of......
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This Indesit Ecotime was previously £299 and is currently £199 with Tesco (this deal was recently posted on HUKD)…140
This Candy dryer is £199 at Argos - it isn't particularly reduced in price, but it has over 1000 reviews and seems to be a popular product with a good rating from previous buyers.…BwE
Again - this product is not reduced as a deal in price, but it has very high ratings from previous buyers.
Just looking quickly the Candy dryer has the water reservoir at the bottom of the dryer located behind the kickplate. This dryer is really to be sited on top of a washing machine so that the kickplate is at waist height. Alternatively you need to get down on the floor to access the water reservoir.
For just the above reason I would not buy it
The other two are pretty much the same apart from the Ecotimeone holding 1kg more. Both are the same db level and both have doors opening with a legt hand sidehinge which are not interchangeable.
As they are both the same price I would go for the 8kg one but still probably only use one or two programs on it.
For simplicity of use, just two heat settings and a dial I would go for the BwE.
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Had indesit one before which cost around £350, every year after the warranty the heating element failed. It was easy enough to replace but at £35 and having replaced it 5 times it would have been cheaper to buy a better dryer. When I moved house I bought a Bosch, 3 years later still working like new, use it about 5-6 times a week and not even one replacement part. Don’t buy a cheap one, it’s a false economy pay a little more and get worry free drying!
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Bosch on eBay
Try and get yourself to a curry’s clearance centre.

Got an AEG one for £180 good quality machine
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