Condolences to the people of Cumbria

    I saw in another thread that an HUKD member had been personally affected by yesterday's massacre and after this latest tragedy, there must be so many people that have been directly or indirectly. Coming on top of the bus crash and whilst still getting over the floods, many must be feeling very low, shocked and bereft.
    This thread is for me - not my usual sort of thread - (and certainly anyone else who wants to comment like-wise) to say how very sorry I am for everyone touched by the deaths, injuries and traumas. My heart goes out to you.


    Nice idea Chesso - it is absolutely heartbreaking and my thoughts have been with these poor people.

    To shoot people randomly from a distance or at anytime is bad enough but with some of the victims, he asked them over to his car for directions etc and just blasted them dead !!!!!

    Absolutely shocking.

    Very sad,and i cannot imagine even witnessing something so awful never mind losing a loved one.

    Mod & Ed

    Terrible tragedy for all those involved, RIP


    It is a real tragedy. Hopefully thread can remain respectful, some of the stuff I read on here was shocking.


    I concur with the OP, a terrible event and my heart goes out to everyone affected by this shocking and disturbing incident. They are in my heart and prayers.


    Nice touch (as usual Chesso) and concur.....

    Sad day indeed. Thoughts with the families of those affected.

    Its absolutely awful - can't help thinking about those poor people just going about their business. Condolences to all the familes concerned.

    my condolences to them also, they woke yesterday morning and the last things on their mind was a psycho with a gun :-(



    How do you know?

    I think it's just something that people say - the last thing on their mind was probably an elephant falling out of the sky as they crossed a bridge, catapulting them into the air.

    I honestly dont know how much it has affected the area, as when I was up town yesterday people didnt seem that bothered past a few comments about how terrible it was though I was in Carlisle.

    Me I just think it just continues the pity Cumbria gets so it ends up people think its a place to be pitied as such.


    At least the guy is dead now. My Condolences to them also.

    RIP the 12

    nicely said chesso, condolences to the families and anyone involved

    Times like this when we should think our lives aren't too bad after all.

    After some of the sick jokes yesterday, it is nice to see a thread like this. My thoughts are with them.

    I can only echo what's allready been said

    plus I'd like to add that there will be a minuets silence at every rugby league game this weekend as one of the people who was killed is rob purdhams brother ( current England player)
    people can say want they want about rugby league but in times of need we look after our own


    no words can can be spoken to say how horrific this is, i hope all the family and friends get all the help and support needed to get through this, if you ever really do
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