Can you sell these on here? I got a few difference kinds from the deal posted on here and want to sell the ones I'm not keen on.

    OBVIOUSLY the unused ones! lol.


    Prohibited Trades. The following items must not be listed.

    *Counterfeit items*Weapons*Medicines / Age Restricted Products*Copied … *Counterfeit items*Weapons*Medicines / Age Restricted Products*Copied Media*Console Cards / Pandora type batteries/PS3 Jailbreak Devices*Alcohol*Tobacco / accessories*Illegal Substances*Sexually Explicit Items*Non Transferable Items including Gaming/Adword Accounts*Items without an rrp, e.g. games marked as promo only or split bundles where no price comparison is valid.*Cable TV Boxes*Rail Tickets*Football Tickets*Vouchers with minimum spend, next to no resale value or available in electronic format only. All 1mth+ tangible Xbox live cards for example are permitted, ecodes only are not.*Currency / money exchange

    Nothing in there suggests you can't, wouldn't consider them explicit. Though you will have to wait 7 days from this thread being locked to list them, as this could be considered 'drumming up interest'.

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    is been done before

    Original Poster

    Ok thanx but surely i shouldn't have to wait a week just because i was making sure i was able to post rather than just go and doing it? lol Cant be much interest in a 7 min thread? Hopefully a mod can clear this up

    Edited by: "steev08" 6th Apr 2011

    Yeah, I find it abit odd too. Fair enough if you were seeing if people were interested.. Just change the title/description to something random. lol


    i thought the 7 day thing was only if negotiations or prices were mentioned in thread????

    In before you got any extra baggy.

    Managing your threads.

    It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they lock threads … It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they lock threads and ensure 7 full days have elapsed from the last post should they decide to relist. Threads can be self managed via HUKD’s dedicated trading site at Members can log in using their current HUKD username and password. All posts are replicated between both sites. Any Item subject to a valuation request in Misc must be reported for closure and a full 7 days have elapsed from the date/time of the last post, prior to listing the same item in the trading forums

    Unfortunately it falls under this rule.

    I will lock your thread so you know you can list in 7 days from my comment.

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