Conduit For An Installation Of A Tv Into A Chimney Breast

Found 14th Apr 2009
Please can anyone help me has anybody on here fitted there tv into the chimney breast and if you did what type of conduit did you use to thread the cables through before plastering over them?

I have looked on the internet and there is something called a pipe spring which apparently bends plastic conduit without cracking it or splitting it has anybody used these?Any help would be appreciated as i want to get this right so that the cables move freely once the conduit has been plastered over.
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Just buy some tubing from B&Q and use the angled connectors. The spring is for copper pipe, it wont bend plastic.

Edit: Not sure about a spring for plastic.
You can get a spring for bending plastic conduit which is better than angled connectors, unless you get long radius bends.
But a hand bent conduit has nothing for the cable to get snagged on when pulling them through.
Hope this helps.

Just buy some tubing from B&Q and use the angled connectors. The spring … Just buy some tubing from B&Q and use the angled connectors. The spring is for copper pipe, it wont bend plastic.Edit: Not sure about a spring for plastic.

The spring will bend plastic if it's warm! but you can do it without by heating it with a hairdryer and bending it over your knee just bend it past the point you need as it will spring back! just remember warm it or it will shatter if you don't:) Bog standard trunking from B&Q will work as well just fix well to the sub base and PVA the trunking and surround once all cables are in and then use some bonding plaster then finish plaster as normal Don't over warm the conduit by the way as it will collapse and go flat!
Plastioc conduit is bent with a "bending spring" normally used by us electricians.
Your best bet is to 1st get some 20mm conduit and some saddles to hold it with, then measure up where you want the back of the bend to be (bit awkward to explain over the net, plus im not that good at it :p)you are best off warming the pipe up before you bend it, otherwise it can split or snap, you WILL look rather dodgy rubbing a piece of pipe up and down to warm it, but it's the easiest way
once you have the spring inside it is just a case of finding where your mark is for your bends (that you made earlier) and then using your knee (or other suitably hard object) to bend the pipe in to shape, be warned though, the pipe will try and sytraighten itself out, so you will need to over bend the angle you require and don't take the spring out untill you think you have got it in the right place, can be a pain trying to get it back in if you need to alter stuff occasionally.

Think thats it, although if your gonna be plastering over the top of it, why not usemini trunking?

You're going to need quite a large conduit if you are going to run all the cables through it. Component, HDMI, scart, power leads, speaker may only use one hdmi cable now but what if you need two cables in the future - you don't want to re-do it all again. If its a plasterboard wall why bother with the conduit? just have the cables in the gap between the plasterboard and the brick wall.....
Thanks for the replies guys i will have a go at bending some i work in the electric utility industry so i can get hold of it.Gary i am setting the tv into the chimney breast and then chasing it out and putting conduit in.

Will leave rep now for all replies cheers. :thumbsup:
Build the wall out with studs and plasterboard then trunk everything behind it, if done right will be an awesome job. :thumbsup:
Remember to post some pics of the project.
I used one of these brush plates for where the cables exit the wall. Nice neat, draught free job. Wickes may stock the brush plates as well.…tml
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