Posted 14th Dec 2022 (Posted 1 h, 56 m ago)
4050071-zseqN.jpg4050071-ggTRS.jpgTrying to install a new tap on my new worktop/sink, new tap fittings are wrong size but do come with an adapter which still doesnt fit as theres no thread for it to go on. Mate told me I need a compression connector but not sure what to buy really. So what do i need to fit these together.
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    A plumber?
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    Aye, I'd also go for isolation valves here, it makes it easier to work on later on. Cut back the copper a bit to some straight pipe, clean it up and use the isolation valve as a compression fitting. Then screw the tap flexi's on to the valves,
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    Male to male adapter. This sort of thing.

    yes thats the kinda thing i had in my mind. After looking on B&Q website I was also thinking maybe a reducing a coupler, which would then eliminate the need for the adapter which is attached in the 2nd photo i posted.
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    You'll need new washers for both ends of the adapter so 4 in total, a couple probably came with the taps.
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    Don't know if I'm understanding wrong, but your old pipework has a compression fitting, and the old tails are attached. You'd remove those and attach the new tails pictured.
    Both pipes and new tails are female fittings.
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    Last time I put some in I had the same issue but I just used the old pipes into the new tap which still fitted saved messing with the other end of the pipes.
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    Uhhh what a mess, many ways to skin a cat. Here is another option

    If it were me. i would buy tesla brass compression flexible tap connectors (make sure they fit and screw into your new tap tails)


    Isolate the water supply and then use a pipe cutter on the straight part (marked red) and remove the whole load of mess above which can go in the bin with your old tap, and then deburr the cut pipes.


    Then fit compression 15mm isoalting valves to the pipe, and connect your tap connectors to the other end.


    Alternatively you can use tectite pushfit isolating valves 15mm.


    You may not need the tesla brass fittings, but not knowing the size of the connectors and not knowing if they would fit straight onto the isolating valve i included them. (edited)
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    OK thanks for your replies, fortunately ive got in touch with my son's mate who is a plumber and has time to come and look today, which quite suprised me as I thought he wouldnt. Thanks again everyone, its places like this with the help you can get that really make this website something to be proud of.
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